About Juvelution

A Juventus Community App For The Juventus Faithful

Juventus became renouned for there rock-solid defence, the famous BBC. Along with one the the best midfield combinations of all time. But everything changed when the likes of Arturo Vidal, Carlos Tevez and most notably Paul Pogba left. This inspired the idea to start a Juventus website where we can share our opinions, hopes and fears around the present and the future of Juventus

In 2017, Juvelution began as a website where we share news & updates, match previews, reviews and everything we could think of around the world of Juventus. Towards the end of the year, an Android mobile app was launched where news from difeerent sources are shared daily. The project was halted due to some unforseen circumstances.

Fast-forward 2021, a new Juvelution was reborn. We thought we could do more than just sharing news. Bringing the fans together to participate more became our goal. We wanted the fans to meet in one place, to chat on match days, share their opinions, and make it more of a community than just sharing news content.